frequently asked questions

will certificates be provided?

yes certificates will be provided if you participate in workshops and competitions.

How do I register for Aadhya 2020?

you can either register for individual events or buy combo packages (i.e. passes) for full day access.

Is there an entry fee?

some talks are free to attend but there is a price for participating in each workshop and competitions. you can also buy special passes which grant you full day access to events and stalls.

where can i stay during techfest in RUAS?

our team will contact you once you register for the event. if you want an accomodation, it will be provided with minimal charges. (a small price to pay for salvation. :')

What to do after registering?

sit back and chill. our team will contact you shortly. make sure you book your transportation tho'.

Is parking available?

Yes. The parking lot will be allocated to you. unless it's not a chopper.

how many members should be there in a team during a team event

the number might vary for each event. although individual participation is encouraged.

Where is the venue of the event and how to reach there?

Ramaiah University of Applied Science, peenya 2nd stage, Bengaluru
P.S: c'mon you know how to use google maps. :)